united sustainable tomorrow



This is a research project exploring the landscape of small-business in Savannah through a rigorous process of ethnographic research and analysis. Through the project, several workshops were hosted and facilitated on purpose to connect with stakeholders in Savannah and collaborate with small business owners.


It has been found that the human terrain inside these businesses and outside mattered just as much as the business itself, because behind each business is a person with a dream or a vision that drives that dream.



As an outcome of this research, the team created and hosted a “Green Speed Dating” event for professionals. The “speed dating” concept allowed every local business owner to spent quality time with all other colleagues, introducing their business and brainstorming ideas about how they can collaborate. During this event, many friendships were formed and great collaboration ideas were created.

At the end of the project, the team developed the Sustainable Adoption Companion with a purpose is to teach young entrepreneurs what is sustainability and how their businesses can benefit from sustainable practices. 


The Green Speed Dating event idea was presented at Net Impact conference in Philadelphia 2016.



Research Highlights


Geen Speed Dating

Sustainable Adoption Companion